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Carole Jahmes book - Beauty and the Beasts, Woman, Ape and Evolution Carole Jahmes book - Worth their Weight in Blood

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Carole Jahme talks Worth Their Weight in Blood


Beauty and the Beasts, Woman, Ape and Evolution

Carole Jahmes book - Beauty and the Beasts, Woman, Ape and Evolution

You can listen to my talk with Martha Kearney on radio 4 woman's hour regarding my book here

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Carole Jahme is the Guardian's Evolutionary Agony Aunt, 'Ask Carole'. Click here for more information.

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“Ask Carole” fan mail


The answer given to "Unrequited Love" (Ask Carole 19.04.2010) was the best answer by a love columnist I have ever read.


Truefully Yours,


Dr. Paul Recher


“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed.” — Gandhi

The Guardian Pod Cast - 'science policy and the battle of the apes'

"We also bring you ... battle of the apes! The Guardian's evolutionary agony aunt Carole Jahme uncovers the evolutionary roots of the party leaders' behaviour in the three televised debates."


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Here is a photo of the 7 new skull casts that The Leakey Foundation just added to our collection (from the National Museums of Kenya)

The Guardian - 'Homo sapiens: A species torn between love and war'

In a series of four short films released on this week, Steven Pinker, Frans de Waal and Richard Wrangham grapple with human nature. Carole Jahme introduces the films and the sponsor whose values they epitomise, the Leakey Foundation:


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November 2009

Darwin influenced fiction as well as fact and authors such as HG Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Charles Kingsley were all directly inspired by Darwin’s theory of evolution by the means of natural and sexual selection. The work of Wells, Kingsley and Burroughs paved the way for future generations of writers and filmmakers, Clarke and Creighton to name just two.

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